Vintage Hippie Alien Graphic Tee - Mermaid Venom

Vintage Hippie Alien Graphic Tee

Mermaid Vemon
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Let’s talk about aliens, alternate universes, the Illuminati-- all that weird shit. This vintage shirt invites the real convos we’re all dying to have. Embrace your weird and attract your people.



  • Small chest/bust: 18.5 in, Sleeve: 24.8 in, Length: 16.7 in
  • Medium chest/bust: 19.7 in Sleeve: 27 in, Length: 17.3 in
  • Large chest/bust: 20.8 in Sleeve: 28.3 in, Length: 17.9 in
  • 2XL chest/bust: 23.2 in Sleeve: 29.9 in, Length: 19.5 in


    Material: 100% cotton