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About Us

Welcome to the enchanted realm of Mermaid Venom, where the metaphysical meets the macabre in a bewitchingly delightful fusion. Prepare to be mesmerized as we unveil our treasure trove of occult wonders, tailored for all you darklings and seekers of the supernatural. We proudly present a cauldron full of delights, including spellbinding clothing, mystical altar supplies, tantalizing tarot cards, mesmerizing crystals, our snuggle-worthy Demon Doll collection, and the pièce de résistance—a moon phase home decor mirror that no self-respecting witch should be without in their boudoir or crypt. Each item we present is infused with our personal enchantment, chosen from the darkest corners of our hearts. 

My name is Elise, I am the founder of Mermaid Venom and I am so glad you found us. It fills my black hearts with wicked delight to have transformed my passion into a thriving business, reaching the eager fingertips of kindred spirits worldwide starting from 2017.

So, dive headfirst into our enchanting realm. Immerse yourself in the inky depths of our occult offerings, for they are crafted to ignite the embers of your soul and illuminate the path to your darkest desires. Should you conjure any questions or wish to share your tales of nocturnal adventures, we implore you, do not hold back. Contact us, for we await your presence with bated breath and a cackling sense of anticipation. May our products cast a spell on you, as they do on us. We take joy in enchanting your existence with our hand-picked treasures.


xx Mermaid Venom